Tart up your Toast

Being an avid Instagram addict I was merrily scrolling away and something happened to catch my eye.  A post about Jam!  However, this wasn’t just any Jam.  On closer inspection this was GIN JAM.  Gin in Jam! That’s right!  Oh my days!

The post was by a company called Larkin’s Larder who are based in Bedfordshire and make some wonderful preserves.  Scrolling through their website I have found, oh, about 26 different ones I want to try, but at this moment the focus is all about the Jam with the Gin in.

I just had to get my hands on some and try it out.  I immediately ordered myself a little Gin Jam set from their Cocktail Lounge range which consisted of 3 flavoured jams; Plum and Sloe Gin, Raspberry Fizz and Gooseberry Fizz.

Once they arrived, I got home from work and ended up having toast for tea just so I could try them out!  I’m quite excitable you see and didn’t want to wait until breakfast time.  Plus as I am always in such a rush on a morning, I knew I would end up forgetting about them. 

I tried the Raspberry Fizz one first! It was delicate, sweet and very tasty!

My favourite from the 3, has to be the Plum and Sloe Gin.  It is so moreish and fruity and you do get a real hint of Gin.  Even if you didn’t I wouldn’t have cared, it was so tasty.

Whilst you are not likely to get tipsy from spreading Gin Jam on your toast, (so don’t go expecting to) … I enjoyed the thought of Gin on Toast ( I am not an alcoholic I promise).

Gin Jam is not limited to toast!  You can even mix it in to a Cocktail if you fancy yourself as a bit of a mixologist!! 

I would definitely buy more of these and I think they would be a good buy for restaurants and cafe’s that promote ‘Afternoon Tea’. You could do a Gin Afternoon Tea and these little Gin Jams would go down a storm.  You could make Gin Jam Tarts too!  I am getting carried away with my bit self now! 😂😂

Now then, I wonder if they do Gin Infused Lemon Curd…….? That would be heaven!  


Check out Larkin’s Larder at: 


They do a whole range of preserves not just ones for Gin addicts.   Check them out.
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