Oh no.. I went to the Metrocentre for clothes and came home with Gin… who needs clothes anyway?

Anyone that knows me, knows that I have become a reluctant shopper.  Shopping for clothes is my worst nightmare these days.  If it was up to me all shopping would be done from my laptop.  

Yesterday was a particularly stressful day, trying to find a decent outfit for a night out with two of my three daughters and husband in tow, in a non air conditioned, crowd packed, glass box was starting to test my patience.  The shops were all full of 50% off tat which resulted in all shops resembling the jumble sale that is Primarni.

The shoppers rage was starting to take hold when out the corner of my eye I saw the word GIN.  Was it a mirage?  Should I rub my eyes and check again?  On further inspection I saw they also had samples of GIN.  FREE GIN.  My prayers had been answered.

Alnwick Gin had come to my rescue.  The sample stall was busy (there are other gin addicts it would seem) and I soon discovered why. The guys behind the counter were giving out free samples of their classic Gin and their Gin Liquers.  The Gin Liquers were available in 3 flavours, Rhubarb & Strawberry,  Lime & Ginger, Strawberry & Vanilla.  I had already decided I was having a bottle of the Gin, but I wasn’t about to pass up the chance of further snifters!   I sampled the Rhubarb & Strawberry Liquer and the Strawberry & Vanilla Liquer.

 Both were equally sweet and delicious, but being an absolute Rhubarb fan I had to go with a purchase of a bottle of the Rhubarb & Strawberry Liquer 20% vol.  I also purchased a bottle of the classic Gin 37.5 % vol.  To my delight I also received two free 500ml bottles of Fentimans Pink Grapefruit Tonic which also happens to be my favourite tonic!   It felt a little wrong buying  Gin that looked like it came from medieval times and originated in historic Northumberland from a shopping mall, I felt like I should have been buying it from Alnwick Castle. The corked bottle and pewter design adds to the medieval feel. However, I wasn’t in Alnwick Castle, I was in a shopping centre in Gateshead, one can’t be too fussy when the chance of Gin is present.  I was also thinking how cool the bottle would look as a vase… which is another valid excuse to drink more Gin, the bottles are becoming more and more unusual, funky and pretty enough to constitute home decor.  See folks, another reason to buy more Gin! The recycling and re-purpose of the bottles is good for the environment!

I went off happy with my Gin purchases and couldn’t wait to get home to try them out. (I am not an alcoholic I promise)  I forgot all about the outfit I was supposed to be buying, deciding I have plenty of outfits at home, who needed more clothes when there was Gin to be had?

Arriving home I put my Pink Grapefruit Tonic straight in the fridge and set about the preening process. When it was suitably chilled and I was suitably preened, out came the Rhubarb & Strawberry Liquer over ice with the Pink Grapefruit Tonic.


It was a taste sensation, so sweet, crisp and fruity and it looked so pretty in my glass (I am a very visual person). It perked up the pre-night out beautification process no end. Uncorking my Gin was also quite satisfying!  

As I sit writing this latest blog post it is Sunday night and I am waiting for The Handmaids Tale to start and what better way to watch a dystopian based programme, reverting back to practices within medieval times, than with a crisp classic Gin, with a medieval twist.

Thanks to Alnwick Gin for showing up to the Metrocentre yesterday and rescuing me from my shopping hell.

It was fate I tell thee! (That’s me being all ye olde English) 
#gin #ginblog #localgin #rhubarb #alnwickgin


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