Scrolling through Facebook I came across the website for ilovegin.com

Ilovegin.com sends delicious G&T’s to taste each month in a cute little package for the very reasonable price of £14.00 per month. They offer a discount code which allows you to get your first box for £9.00. The discount code is 4for9.  I signed up within minutes.  Who wouldn’t want to receive Gin in the post?  It brings a little excitement to answering the door to the postman.

I have now had two boxes from ILovegin.com and have been really pleased so thought I would give them a little write up so you guys can also benefit from little surprise Gin packages too!

The first box that arrived contained two mini bottles of Sacred Gin, one pink grapefruit and one cardamom along with two fentimans mixers which were fentimans tonic and a fentimans ginger beer. 

Both Gins and mixers were gorgeous!  My favourite was the Pink Grapefruit!  You could really taste those zesty notes!

The second box I received contained a mini bottle of Pickerings 1947 Gin which came in a super cute wax sealed bottle and a mini bottle of Cucumber Gin.  This time the two tonics were QCumber Tonic and Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water.  My favourite from this box was definitely the Pickerings 1947 it had quite the kick to it! I will definitely be investing in a larger bottle of this one.  The Cucumber Gin was decent but too Cucumbery (is that even a word?) for my liking (only because I am not a particular cucumber fan) but if you like Cucumber you will love this!

It has got to the point now where I feel excited for my next box to arrive, I obviously need to get a life, but receiving little surprise Gin packages makes me smile and is a great way to sample G&T selections without buying a larger more expensive bottles.

These little boxes would also make a great gift for the Gin Lover in your life. I have been raving about them so much, 3 of my friends have also signed up!  If you are a Gin lover get yourself signed up here: www.ilovegin.com

Just in case you can’t yet tell, 
Ilovegin.com. Literally.

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