I love Gin, even the one from Aldi!

A few month back I saw an article saying that Aldi had gone and got its £10 London Dry Gin listed as ‘one of the best in the world’.

I remember thinking ‘let me be the judge of that’ and made a mental note of picking up a bottle next time I passed an Aldi store.   I don’t pass Aldi very often so I soon forgot about it. 

However, the lovely ladies I worked with bought me a bottle as one of my leaving gifts recently, it’s almost as if they read my mind. (thanks girls).

As soon as I got home from my work leaving meal I poured myself a double, topped up with Fever tree tonic.  To my surprise this Gin is actually quite pleasant as far as a basic Gin goes.  To me the Gin is quite strong on the juniper with a hint of citrus.  It mimics Gordon’s Gin in many ways both in bottle design and taste.  It was refreshing with the Fever tree tonic over ice but the next day I had it with Schweppes tonic and that made it a little too sugary and sweet. 

I can be a bit snobbish with my Gin tastes and tend to lean towards speciality craft Gins, but for a £10 Gin, this one is decent and will remain a staple in my Gin cupboard (yes I have a gin cupboard!!)  It would also be a good one to have in over the festive period for when a visitor pops in and you don’t want to share your more expensive Gins, ha ha.  Shhhhh 

All in all, a pleasant staple Gin and gets the thumbs up from me 👍👍

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