The Big Gin Theory

Welcome to The Big Gin Theory 

The Big Gin Theory‘, like most of my great ideas, began after a few crisp G&T’s. I have been a purveyor of all things Gin since circa 1998, when aged 18; I took Snoop Dogg’s advice and started ‘sippin’ on Gin ‘n’ juice’. This was long before Gin became the must have beverage on drinks menu’s far and wide.

Fast forward 19 years and I’m now 37 years old, a wife, mother of 3 gorgeous girls, and an absolute stress head due to my chosen career path (it is not for the weak willed). I am however still ‘sippin’ on Gin ‘n’ juice’.


My blog is designed to be an outlet of distraction from the stresses of day to day life, exploring the marvel that is Gin. It’s my first foray into blogging so bear with me. At least now I have an “official” reason for being a ‘Gin Face’… “it’s for research purposes you see…” 😉

So let the blogging ‘be-gin’.