I love Gin, even the one from Aldi!

A few month back I saw an article saying that Aldi had gone and got its £10 London Dry Gin listed as ‘one of the best in the world’.

I remember thinking ‘let me be the judge of that’ and made a mental note of picking up a bottle next time I passed an Aldi store.   I don’t pass Aldi very often so I soon forgot about it. 

However, the lovely ladies I worked with bought me a bottle as one of my leaving gifts recently, it’s almost as if they read my mind. (thanks girls).

As soon as I got home from my work leaving meal I poured myself a double, topped up with Fever tree tonic.  To my surprise this Gin is actually quite pleasant as far as a basic Gin goes.  To me the Gin is quite strong on the juniper with a hint of citrus.  It mimics Gordon’s Gin in many ways both in bottle design and taste.  It was refreshing with the Fever tree tonic over ice but the next day I had it with Schweppes tonic and that made it a little too sugary and sweet. 

I can be a bit snobbish with my Gin tastes and tend to lean towards speciality craft Gins, but for a £10 Gin, this one is decent and will remain a staple in my Gin cupboard (yes I have a gin cupboard!!)  It would also be a good one to have in over the festive period for when a visitor pops in and you don’t want to share your more expensive Gins, ha ha.  Shhhhh 

All in all, a pleasant staple Gin and gets the thumbs up from me 👍👍

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Scrolling through Facebook I came across the website for ilovegin.com

Ilovegin.com sends delicious G&T’s to taste each month in a cute little package for the very reasonable price of £14.00 per month. They offer a discount code which allows you to get your first box for £9.00. The discount code is 4for9.  I signed up within minutes.  Who wouldn’t want to receive Gin in the post?  It brings a little excitement to answering the door to the postman.

I have now had two boxes from ILovegin.com and have been really pleased so thought I would give them a little write up so you guys can also benefit from little surprise Gin packages too!

The first box that arrived contained two mini bottles of Sacred Gin, one pink grapefruit and one cardamom along with two fentimans mixers which were fentimans tonic and a fentimans ginger beer. 

Both Gins and mixers were gorgeous!  My favourite was the Pink Grapefruit!  You could really taste those zesty notes!

The second box I received contained a mini bottle of Pickerings 1947 Gin which came in a super cute wax sealed bottle and a mini bottle of Cucumber Gin.  This time the two tonics were QCumber Tonic and Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water.  My favourite from this box was definitely the Pickerings 1947 it had quite the kick to it! I will definitely be investing in a larger bottle of this one.  The Cucumber Gin was decent but too Cucumbery (is that even a word?) for my liking (only because I am not a particular cucumber fan) but if you like Cucumber you will love this!

It has got to the point now where I feel excited for my next box to arrive, I obviously need to get a life, but receiving little surprise Gin packages makes me smile and is a great way to sample G&T selections without buying a larger more expensive bottles.

These little boxes would also make a great gift for the Gin Lover in your life. I have been raving about them so much, 3 of my friends have also signed up!  If you are a Gin lover get yourself signed up here: www.ilovegin.com

Just in case you can’t yet tell, 
Ilovegin.com. Literally.

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Oh no.. I went to the Metrocentre for clothes and came home with Gin… who needs clothes anyway?

Anyone that knows me, knows that I have become a reluctant shopper.  Shopping for clothes is my worst nightmare these days.  If it was up to me all shopping would be done from my laptop.  

Yesterday was a particularly stressful day, trying to find a decent outfit for a night out with two of my three daughters and husband in tow, in a non air conditioned, crowd packed, glass box was starting to test my patience.  The shops were all full of 50% off tat which resulted in all shops resembling the jumble sale that is Primarni.

The shoppers rage was starting to take hold when out the corner of my eye I saw the word GIN.  Was it a mirage?  Should I rub my eyes and check again?  On further inspection I saw they also had samples of GIN.  FREE GIN.  My prayers had been answered.

Alnwick Gin had come to my rescue.  The sample stall was busy (there are other gin addicts it would seem) and I soon discovered why. The guys behind the counter were giving out free samples of their classic Gin and their Gin Liquers.  The Gin Liquers were available in 3 flavours, Rhubarb & Strawberry,  Lime & Ginger, Strawberry & Vanilla.  I had already decided I was having a bottle of the Gin, but I wasn’t about to pass up the chance of further snifters!   I sampled the Rhubarb & Strawberry Liquer and the Strawberry & Vanilla Liquer.

 Both were equally sweet and delicious, but being an absolute Rhubarb fan I had to go with a purchase of a bottle of the Rhubarb & Strawberry Liquer 20% vol.  I also purchased a bottle of the classic Gin 37.5 % vol.  To my delight I also received two free 500ml bottles of Fentimans Pink Grapefruit Tonic which also happens to be my favourite tonic!   It felt a little wrong buying  Gin that looked like it came from medieval times and originated in historic Northumberland from a shopping mall, I felt like I should have been buying it from Alnwick Castle. The corked bottle and pewter design adds to the medieval feel. However, I wasn’t in Alnwick Castle, I was in a shopping centre in Gateshead, one can’t be too fussy when the chance of Gin is present.  I was also thinking how cool the bottle would look as a vase… which is another valid excuse to drink more Gin, the bottles are becoming more and more unusual, funky and pretty enough to constitute home decor.  See folks, another reason to buy more Gin! The recycling and re-purpose of the bottles is good for the environment!

I went off happy with my Gin purchases and couldn’t wait to get home to try them out. (I am not an alcoholic I promise)  I forgot all about the outfit I was supposed to be buying, deciding I have plenty of outfits at home, who needed more clothes when there was Gin to be had?

Arriving home I put my Pink Grapefruit Tonic straight in the fridge and set about the preening process. When it was suitably chilled and I was suitably preened, out came the Rhubarb & Strawberry Liquer over ice with the Pink Grapefruit Tonic.


It was a taste sensation, so sweet, crisp and fruity and it looked so pretty in my glass (I am a very visual person). It perked up the pre-night out beautification process no end. Uncorking my Gin was also quite satisfying!  

As I sit writing this latest blog post it is Sunday night and I am waiting for The Handmaids Tale to start and what better way to watch a dystopian based programme, reverting back to practices within medieval times, than with a crisp classic Gin, with a medieval twist.

Thanks to Alnwick Gin for showing up to the Metrocentre yesterday and rescuing me from my shopping hell.

It was fate I tell thee! (That’s me being all ye olde English) 
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All aboard the Gin Train. Choo Choo….

To celebrate World Gin Day (June 10th, 2017) my friend and I decided board the Wensleydale Gin Train. Tickets cost £25 each, which entitles you to a 3 hour scenic train journey and 4 artisan G&T’s. If you want to go and your other half or friend does not like Gin, they also offer beer!!

The train started out in Leeming Bar, where we were greeted with rain. The staff allowed us to sit in the fixed tea carriage until it was time to board at 6:30pm so we managed to avoid getting too wet. The train is nothing too flash, it’s just a train, so don’t go expecting the Orient Express.  As I am not a train spotter, the type of train I was about to board didn’t mean anything to me…. I was there for the Gin!

First up we were served Purple Ram Gin (40% abv) served with Fever Tree indian tonic, pink grapefruit and basil.  Purple Ram was created, developed and distilled at the Yorkshire Dales Distillery.  It was absolutely delicious and refreshing and you could really taste the distinctive bitter citrus notes. This will be a one to add to my expanding Gin collection. (I have a birthday coming up in October if anyone is stuck for ideas, just saying!)

Next up we enjoyed one of my personal favourites, Whittakers Original Gin (42% abv) with Fever Tree tonic, juniper berries and thyme.  Whittakers always goes down a treat with me.

Midway in to our journey, the sun made a blinding appearance (literally, I ended up having to move seats to avoid the glare) and the views across the countryside were spectacular.

We ordered cheese and crackers to enjoy on our journey.  This cost £5.50 for the two of us. Being a total cheese fanatic, I was not disappointed.  There was a good selection of local Yorkshire cheeses, grapes and crackers.  My favourite cheese from those selected was the Cheddar and Balsamic Onion.  It was so creamy and tasty and oh so moreish.

The third Gin presented to us was Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin (42% abv), Yorkshire Tea Edition. It was served with Fever Tree tonic and a slice of lemon. This Gin was ideal after our little cheese fest as it really cleansed the palette.

The fourth and final Gin that was part of the original package was Raisthorpe Manor Oak Aged Yorkshire Gin (42% abv). This was served with Fever Tree tonic and a slice of orange.  It was one of the more bitter gins that I’ve tried.

We reached Redmire and the train stopped for 30 minutes.  You are invited to disembark and have a little wander if you want to. As this was our first journey on the Gin Train we were a little unsure whether we had to wait for the staff to take our orders for further Gin.  We couldn’t really see anyone so we just patiently waited.  (Which for those that know me, is totally out of character, I am the least patient person in the world!  It just goes to show how relaxed the Gin Train had made me) After a while my friend finally spotted a member of the staff and asked them how we could order more Gin. The staff member informed us there was a full bar at the back of the first class carriage.  After breaking into a fit of laughter because we had wasted precious Gin drinking time and feeling like a pair of deeebs we ordered a further two G&T’s.  The Gin of choice being time one of my absolute favourites, Edinburgh Gin, Rhubarb and Ginger Liquer in double measures to make up for lost time. 😂  The additional G&T’s available do not disappoint and are priced at a very reasonable £4.00!!

Going forward to avoid any confusion for people it would probably be a good idea for the staff to inform that there is a bar for further Gin purchases at the start of the journey.  Don’t want others missing out on valuable Gin drinking time 😂

So, would I take a ride on the Gin Train again? Of course!  It was a lovely chilled experience, just what I needed after a particularly stressful month, the G&T plus garnishes available were vast, the staff (who I believe are volunteers) were friendly and professional and quick with their service. The journey itself was very scenic.  It allowed my friend and I to just chill out, have a good catch up, enjoy the views and more importantly sample some of the best gins around.

The Wensleydale Railway runs a series of events throughout the year. You can find more info here: http://www.wensleydalerail.com/2017/04/19/wensleyale-and-gin-train-june-10th-2017/

The great thing about the Wensleydale Railway events is that when you buy a ticket you are also helping the Railway continue to be maintained.  Thus making us socially responsible Gin Drinkers, and that my friends, is another valid reason to drink more Gin.

Thank you Wensleydale Railway for a lovely experience.

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Tart up your Toast

Being an avid Instagram addict I was merrily scrolling away and something happened to catch my eye.  A post about Jam!  However, this wasn’t just any Jam.  On closer inspection this was GIN JAM.  Gin in Jam! That’s right!  Oh my days!

The post was by a company called Larkin’s Larder who are based in Bedfordshire and make some wonderful preserves.  Scrolling through their website I have found, oh, about 26 different ones I want to try, but at this moment the focus is all about the Jam with the Gin in.

I just had to get my hands on some and try it out.  I immediately ordered myself a little Gin Jam set from their Cocktail Lounge range which consisted of 3 flavoured jams; Plum and Sloe Gin, Raspberry Fizz and Gooseberry Fizz.

Once they arrived, I got home from work and ended up having toast for tea just so I could try them out!  I’m quite excitable you see and didn’t want to wait until breakfast time.  Plus as I am always in such a rush on a morning, I knew I would end up forgetting about them. 

I tried the Raspberry Fizz one first! It was delicate, sweet and very tasty!

My favourite from the 3, has to be the Plum and Sloe Gin.  It is so moreish and fruity and you do get a real hint of Gin.  Even if you didn’t I wouldn’t have cared, it was so tasty.

Whilst you are not likely to get tipsy from spreading Gin Jam on your toast, (so don’t go expecting to) … I enjoyed the thought of Gin on Toast ( I am not an alcoholic I promise).

Gin Jam is not limited to toast!  You can even mix it in to a Cocktail if you fancy yourself as a bit of a mixologist!! 

I would definitely buy more of these and I think they would be a good buy for restaurants and cafe’s that promote ‘Afternoon Tea’. You could do a Gin Afternoon Tea and these little Gin Jams would go down a storm.  You could make Gin Jam Tarts too!  I am getting carried away with my bit self now! 😂😂

Now then, I wonder if they do Gin Infused Lemon Curd…….? That would be heaven!  


Check out Larkin’s Larder at: 


They do a whole range of preserves not just ones for Gin addicts.   Check them out.
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