Alcohol free G&T? WHAT? Why would anyone want that?

When I was pregnant with my daughter in 2015, one thing I missed most was the enjoyment of sipping on an ice cold G&T especially as I was pregnant throughout the summer. I became increasingly fed up of sugar heavy ‘mocktails’ whenever I was socialising.  I remember thinking ‘why can’t someone invent an alcohol-free G&T that actually tastes like G&T’…… alas I failed to find anyone at the time that did, and my G&T free pregnancy continued on.

But hey, fear not you lucky currently pregnant Gin lovers, and designated drivers, The Temperence Spirit company have developed a ‘Tee-total’ G ‘n’ T that claims to actually taste like, G&T! It is a bold claim to make if ever there was one. Who would dare make such claims? Well that would be 3 Gin-loving Yorkshiremen from Skipton who formed The Temperence Spirit Company. Such brave souls. 

Now being a total ‘Gin Face’ and having previously gone through a long Gin free pregnancy, I have decided to sample the Tee-Total G&T to find out if it truly compares to the real thing to spare any current pregnant ladies the trauma of being gin free for 9 months! I am nice like that you see.

 I am a lover of all things vintage and these little bottles reminded me of the bottles you see at vintage markets… not too dissimilar to the Fentimans bottle styling which I also love.  I am a strange fruit and I like all things to be aesthetically pleasing.

I cracked one open straightaway and poured it in to my favourite gin glass (which is always a balloon glass).  From the fizz upon pouring I started to think, is this just basically going to be tonic… am I nutter for buying Tonic in a fancier package? But do you know what? It actually really tastes of G&T… REALLY!!   I can’t believe it. 

You get a real taste of botanicals and it’s quite crisp. The taste reminds me very much of Gordon’s Gin, but hey that’s nothing to be sniffed at, there is nothing wrong with a good old Gordon’s!

So….finally! The Temperence Spirit Company have invented a non-alcoholic drink that actually tastes like alcohol! Well done guys!  No longer do pregnant ladies, and designated drivers nationwide have to drink soft drinks or mocktails (that are basically 1/2lb of sugar in a glass that do nothing but bloat you after the first one).

Where can you get your hands on some?

GinFestival.com stocks them or you can find your local stockist on the Temperence Spirit company website http://www.ttscompany.co.uk just in case you can’t wait for them to be delivered in the post and you want to drive immediately and purchase these little beauties. 

Pregnant Gin lovers YOU ARE WELCOME!

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Gin Products

Gin Infusiast

Gin distilleries have been going to great lengths to create us Gin lovers the perfect G&T.  They make their conconctions with precision and a real dedication that gives us the best of results every time.

In the spirit of ‘The Big Gin Theory’ logo, I have been experimenting with ways to create my own mix.

Step forward Te-Tonic.  I received a selection of these little infusion pouches recently as a gift.  Te-Tonic Infusions are a combination of botanicals, herbs, teas and spices in a smooth, silky pyramid-like pouch.  They claim to impregnate (oo-err) each G&T with a perfect blend of botanicals.  

So I grabbed my Gin of choice this week, Whittakers Yorkshire Gin and selected the ‘Orange Energy’ Infusion and got to mixing.  This particular infusion is made up of orange peel, lemon peel, cinnamon, mint and green tea.

5 minutes later, having left the flavours to ‘mingle’ resulted in a subtle orange infusion, not too dissimilar to the Seville Orange flavoured Gins I have tried in the past. I would need them to be a bit more exciting and flavoursome to convince me to invest in more of these infusion pouches, but for a first time infuser it was decent.  For now though, I will leave it to the professionals and stick to the flavoured Gins I have come to love.
Melanie 😘

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Welcome to The Big Gin Theory

The Big Gin Theory‘, like most of my great ideas, began after a few crisp G&T’s. I have been a purveyor of all things Gin since circa 1998, when aged 18; I took Snoop Dogg’s advice and started ‘sippin’ on Gin ‘n’ juice’. This was long before Gin became the must have beverage on drinks menu’s far and wide.

Fast forward 19 years and I’m now 37 years old, a wife, mother of 3 gorgeous girls, and an absolute stress head due to my chosen career path (it is not for the weak willed). I am however still ‘sippin’ on Gin ‘n’ juice’.


My blog is designed to be an outlet of distraction from the stresses of day to day life, exploring the marvel that is Gin. It’s my first foray into blogging so bear with me. At least now I have an “official” reason for being a ‘Gin Face’… “it’s for research purposes you see…” 😉

So let the blogging ‘be-gin’.